Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tears in my eyes...

I have tears in my eyes when I think of Jesus.

When I try to comprehend how much He loves me.

When I think of the pain, shame, suffering He felt on the way to Calvary.

When I think of His Precious Blood & how it cleanses me over and over again.

When I worry about how much my hair is breaking and I remember that the King of Kings and Lord of Lords knows how many strands fell of my head. Me! little, unimportant me! 'WHO AM I THAT YOU ARE SO MINDFUL OF ME?'

When I remember that Jesus has got my back! and He'll never leave me nor forsake me.

When I feel unworthy to come before His throne, He gently reminds me to 'come boldly to the throne of Grace'

When my soul is weary and I wonder how much longer I can go on, He reminds me that 'His Grace is sufficient enough for me'

The tears in my eyes are tears of Joy, Awe, Gratitude,Appreciation and most of all Love.

I Love you Jesus and these tears are for You. Thank You for Calvary, for Your Blood, for Salvation , for Your Love.

Thank You Jesus for loving me. Thank You!


  1. Thank You Jesus, for dying for me.

  2. When I think of Jesus and what He did, I am always sober yet thankful that becaue of Him I am here today with a hope and a future...


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