Monday, May 10, 2010

Are you different?

What did Abraham, David, Daniel, Joseph, Esther,Elijah, Enoch and some many of the great men and women in the Bible have in common?

They were not all prophets neither were they magicians. They did not possess superpowers, but they were ordinary men and women who chose to be different.

They lived their lives not by what society expected of them, but by what God expected of them.

They didn't live their lives following trends or trying hard to fit in. They lived for God.

Granted they had limitations, shortcomings and some of them had unsavory pasts, but that didn't deter them from following the call of God and fulfilling their destinies.

King David coveted Uriah's wife Bathsheba and because of that he had him killed. He broke three commandments at once. When God rebuked him through the prophet Nathan, he immediately accepted his wrongdoings and sought God's forgiveness.

Moses was running from Egypt because he had committed murder, he was in the desert as a fugitive when God called him, through the burning bush.

Peter denied Jesus 3 times, but he accepted he was wrong and Jesus forgave him.

My point is that, God is not looking for perfect people to use, because none is perfect. He is looking for those who are not afraid of being different and not afraid of standing out from the crowd. Those who dare to be different. Because when you walk in obedience to God, you will be seen as foolish, stupid or uncool.

God has not made us to be replicas of others, He didn't make us to spend all our lives conforming and fitting into the world's standards.

It is sad that Christians who should be the light of this dark and perverse world are busy compromising and living in blatant disregard of God's laws.

Just because the world sees fornication as normal, doesn't mean it is in the eyes of God.

Are you different? Are you that person that strives to live their life not according to what the world thinks, but according to His commands.

Its not easy. Trust me, I know. But in Christianity all we do is by the grace of God.

Back then in school, there were students who never copied anyone's work or showed anyone theirs. We mocked them, but now I know that they were right.

It doesn't matter how far you've gone or how hard you've fallen, Jesus is always there for you. Pray to Him today. He hears and He's waiting.


Dear Jesus, I want to be different. I know you made me different for a purpose & that purpose is to serve you. Holy Spirit, come and guide me and give me the grace to be different. Empower me to live my life not by what the world expects, but by your commandments. Jesus, draw me closer to you and remind me each day that I will face you one day & give account of my life before you. Lord Jesus, I remember and appreciate your sacrifice for me on the Cross. Thank you for your blood and thank you for dying for me. Amen.

Till next time. Shalom!!!


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